…how to change a marketing claim into a human language. The gold pearl in the BEST TIE-IN WITH CORPORATE INTEGRATED MARKETING CAMPAIGN category in the Pearl Awards 2014 competition for the @mazing magazine is a proof such a change is possible.

It all started with a change in the communication strategy for Netia customers – the company has offered to them GIGAFREEDOM. Our customer, Netia’s internal communications department, decided communication with employees should fit the way the communication with customers works.

We started with brain storming. What does it actually mean – GIGAFREEDOM? The word carries a different message for each of us. The challenge was to find the means of expression that define gigafreedom, not limiting it at the same time.

“That is why we decided to rely on the man – only various faces, different people, with different characters and needs come close to our definition of GIGAFREEDOM,” says Magda Bugajło of communications in Netia. The internal magazine has been entirely re-designed to fully convey this message. “We allowed employees to show their real selves, to take part in photo shoots and events that made them feel the marketing GIGAFREEDOM,” she adds.
Photo shoots “came out” from paper and permeated to real life. Getting out from the magazine to reality was our greatest goal and we managed to achieve it. Here’s some evidence:

Proof no 1 – A photo shoot was held on the same day that the Board’s meeting. One of the photo shoot’s protagonists, a marketing director, came to the meeting disguised as an African chief and reported the results (to a great joy of the Board’s members).

Proof no 2 – Facebook is vibrant with our photo shoots, people share their photos, use them as their profile pics, put likes and comments, express their jealousy.

Proof no 3 – Our photo shoots show a new image of ordinary employees, so new and fresh that it happens they are not recognized by their own children – or even make them cry:)
All that proves we have managed to break the limits of a magazine and come to presence in the real life of our employees.

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