Even though the phrase does not sound well, this is certainly the most dynamic trend now seen in Poland. We are well acquainted with smartphones. We can definitely say* we now use smartphones and not regular mobile phones, which was not the case back in 2012.  
*What is a smartphone? The definition is still unclear. For new technologies enthusiasts it is a device with an operative system whose functionality can be expanded by installing new applications.

Popularity of smartphones is inversely proportional to age, so when we want to reach the group between 15 and 19, a mobile campaign will be the smartest choice. Not everything is so simple, though, because we are still not into QR codes. When planning a mobile marketing campaign, it is worth getting to know what tells us about smartphone users the “Mobile Marketing in Poland  2013-2014″ report by jestem.mobi, prepared in cooperation with TNS Polska.
Key information below (click to view whole image).

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