A guidebook on cash credits? You probably imagine thousands of complicated words with hundreds of complex calculations, and it's all so… static. You don't even know how wrong you are. Take a look at this.

“We used a clear and reader-friendly form, which is something that a cash credit tutorial is not necessarily famous for. Many people see such information as “banking science”: rows of letters, digits and percents, plus a few lines of footnotes – to them this is like astrophysics!” says Magda Kozińska, editor developing an e-book on cash credit.

But we didn’t go far from that. Science and outer space turned out to be good starting points that lead us to a friendly character of our Science Professor. That elderly gentleman eagerly leads us through the galaxy of cash credits.

The graphic design, that was the starting point for our animated videos, was created by art director  Marcin Rutkowski and Magda. The static elements were given life by the graphic artist, whose knowledge of the program allowed him to decide what to animate and how. As a result, it’s enough to scroll the page down, and it takes us through the bank galaxy: all the elements (not just numbers but also space probes and planets) “flow” fluently through the screen.

“Surely this is not a traditionally understood e-book. We open it via a search engine and see a webpage like those with parallax scrolling,” says Robert Wawryło, graphic artist involved in the project. “The scale and width was chosen to look good also on smaller screens.”

The content is rich in animation and multimedia, e.g. a video (with a pop-out player that can be closed with one click), and the fact it’s not based on Flash we have more possibilities and a broader reach – the website works fluently on mobile devices.