Two years ago custom press was an important element of marketing activities developed for customers.

According to a research by the Custom Content Council from 2012, most companies (56%) were publishing from 1 to 15 custom publications, 16% of the companies declared the number is one hundred or more, and 9% – that they prepare from 40 to 60 publications. For many firms, most income to the budget was from print: 39% of the respondents admitted it provides 51–75% of income, and 26% – that it’s as much as 76 to 100%. Printed text was still remaining the most widely used medium (84%), followed by social media, video, tablets, and blogging, smartphones taking the last place on the list (10%).

Marketing experts believed in the next five years the greatest increase will be among tablets and smartphones (31%), which are currently giving place to other platforms. Most agencies claimed they had included mobile platforms (particularly those dedicated to smartphones and tablets) in their content strategy for customers, 37% on a significant level, but 41% thought they should do more in this area.

Content marketing publishers also gave credit to the video – 50% claimed they have included this platform in their marketing strategy, but on an insufficient level, while 41% of the respondents did it on a significant level. 9% was still considering introducing the video to the strategy for customer-brands.

The numbers are similar when it comes to the social media. Only 3% of the respondents did not plan to move their marketing activity towards the social media. The list of the most popular social networking channels was far from surprising: the most frequently used include Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. The once major competition to Facebook – Google + – was ranked sixth. At the same time, most of the respondents admitted those three leaders: Facebook, Twitter and Youtube, will be losing their importance in the next five years.