Companies in Germany are starting to understand the meaning of communication between the real world and the digital world. New channels appear to reach consumers and business partners, other than traditional advertising. We're about to see a new media system, new solutions, plus how companies can position brands with brand content and communicate with consumers more effectively.
Forum Corporate Publishing (FCP) Association of the leading publishing agencies from German speaking countries (mainly Germany, Austria and Switzerland). More than 100 members make us the largest organisation in Europe. We associate publishing houses and agencies, which prepare state-of-the-art marketing strategies for their customers and produce effective brand content for all the possible communication channels. Being in the Forum is a signal for customers and competition that the agency is a serious partner, taking care of good quality. FCP members, thanks to guaranteed promotion nationally and abroad, have a big advantage in business development.

70 million
mobile devices are in use in Germany, and 75% of Germans declare they plan to start using at least one of the social networks in the nearest future.
4,7 billion euro
is the amount of investment in content marketing by companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland – nearly 6% more than in 2010.
2,8 billion goes for the print, 1,9 billion for the social media.
of custom publishers in German speaking countries are members of FCP.
390 000 euro
is the average annual budget for custom publishing media in a single agency – according to FCP research this translates into an 11% growth.
of respondents believe custom publishing is equally as important as PR or traditional advertising.
4 out of 1O
companies have already shifted their budgets from traditional advertising to custom publishing, and the remaining 38% are planning to do so.
was the increase of investments in electronic media as compared to 2010. Currently, it is the video and mobile solutions that boost growth in the sector.
of companies in Germany use content marketing in their communications activities – via printed or digital media.

Michael Hoeflich is the president of Forum Corporate Publishing (FCP). The text appeared in the magazine Content Marketing Polska 2013 published by Stowarzyszenie Prasy Firmowej (Corporate Press Association).